Technical Writing 

It can be said that technical writing is like wine: when it is good, it is very good and when it is bad, nothing would have been a better option. Make sure your technical writing is like wine! Utilise the expertise of a Copy That Copywriting technical writer.    

research. edit. write, repeat. 

This is a phrase you will hear endlessly at Copy That Copywriting because that is exactly what it takes to produce technical writing that effectively transfers technical information. It involves a myriad of work. Let our technical writers bring their varied smorgasbord of technical, personal and artistic skills and attributes to meet your writing needs 

the Goal  

Technical writing is a craft with the end goal of enabling a reader or user to be able to access, understand and comprehend a process or concept. Our writing style is objective rather than subjective. We value the subject matter above the writer’s voice Writing from a technical standpoint requires information gathered from expert sources to be presented to an audience in a clear and understandable form. Copy That Copywriting brings experience and expertise in the fields of education, science, engineering, technology and health sciences as well as business professional communication 

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From the complex scientific to technical, jargonriddled text, our technical writers will disseminate your important information into a form easily digested by your target audience. The Copy That Copywriting team specialises in producing writing intended for use on websites. At Copy That Copywriting, we have in-house technical writers who approach their writing from an eclectic range of backgrounds, across many sectors including education and legal industries. Regardless of their past, our technical writers are professional communicators facilitating the transfer and comprehension of your important information. They regularly create beautifully formed, fastidiously researched and exceptionally readable documents.  

The Elements 

Copy That Copywriting technical writers know that the essential elements of technical writing are product, audience and tasks.  


The product is central to the entire process.  

Our first job as technical writers is to understand your product specifications, technical and marketing requirements. We work closely with you to learn all we can about your product before we start the technical writing. The questions we need answers to include, but are not limited to: 

What is the role of the person who will be using the product?  

How will this person use the product?  

What is the background of the person with respect to the product?  

The more we know about the potential audience the better tailored the technical writing will be to your particular needs 


Technical writing is always targeted to a specific audience, usually the group of people intended to use or access the product. Working with an expert Copy That Copywriting technical writer to define your audience is critical to the success of the writing process. This will allow the technical writer to ensure the vocabulary utilised is suitable as well as the correct format to allow your information to be easily consumed and comprehended.  


When we talk about tasks in relation to technical writing, we are referring to the things your target audience will be doing with your product and we know the writing needs to be task orientated. A Copy That Copywriting technical writer is a master at organising your documents to have a powerful impact to ensure your audience is able to accomplish the intended task.  

We understand that highly effective writing requires conceptual and reference material to support the tasks. For example, conceptual information will include things like, understanding how the system works and reference information could include things like charts or tables for calculating quantities.  


research. write. edit. repeat.

Copy That Copywriting Checklist 

Our writing team understands the individual elements writing for a specific environment, but they have also mastered the interaction between these elements. Copy That Copywriting writers know that every situation requires a unique approach. You can be assured that no matter what the individual writing job requires we will always bring: 

  • Empathy 
  • Precision 
  • Logic 
  • Effective Communication 
  • Interpersonal Skills 
  • Sense of Humour 

Let’s get started today! Email or fill in an enquiry form to get in touch with our team.  


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Copy That Copywriting
research. write. edit. repeat.