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Take the time to define your business: 

Excellent Product  –  Check!  

Brilliant Service  –  Check!  

Exceptional Customer Care  –  Check!  

Reliable Cash Flow  –  Check! 

Lovable Staff  –  Check! (mostly, right?) 

Prominent Digital Positioning  –  Umm, sort of?  

Finish the puzzle and get your business noticed. Look like a better optionbe a better option.  Copy That Copywriting have the expertise and experience to finish the great job you have already done building your business.  We understand that you’ve put your heart, soul and wallet into your business alreadyit’s time to release your potential.   

The digital definition of your business has never been more critical, and this is not going to change moving forward.  Your first impression on potential customers is your digital definition.  Potential customers need to be converted into existing customers.  For this, you need corporate copywriting. We are your corporate copywriters.    

Your copywriting team at Copy That Copywriting can make this happen.   

How We Make Corporate Copywriting Great?

Here are some of our secrets to unlocking the potential of your digital presence:

Dynamite Descriptions 

Copy That Copywriters are a team of fastidious researchers who will know your business, your product and your service from the inside out.  This research and communication allow us to write like we own the business.     

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We add to this our expertise of employing keywords, SEO strategies, linking, geo-locators and best practice, corporate quality content to make your business do what it needs to do in the digital world.   


Understandable Uniqueness 

We use that thing – you know, that thing!  We use the thing that separates you from your competition.  This is your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).  Wbring this difference, your uniqueness, to the foreground.   

This isn’t hard, and, to tell the truth, just about anyone could do this.  What separates Copy That Copywriting from ‘just about anyone’ and cements the reasons why you need a professional corporate copywriter, is the fact that we tailor your USP to your customer. We develop an understanding of why and how customers in your field buy.  And we listenwe listen to you, we listen to your competitors and we listen to your customers.   


research. write. edit. repeat.

Benefits of Corporate Copywriting and Beyond

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Go beyond the dynamite description and celebrate the benefits you have to offer.  How does your product or service benefit the end user?  Copy That Copywriting answers this.   We get it done by matching your product with your customer.  There’s no point in highlighting the benefits you provide if it isn’t what the customer wants.   

This is the key to reducing website bounce rates and converting click throughs into customers. Tailored, unique copy is king.  There’s a two-fold advantage right there – improve your website ranking and improve your conversion rates.  

Prevent Pain 

Nah, we don’t offer free ibuprofen and a set of steak knives.  Copy That Copywriting works with you to not only find the benefits of your product or service but how you minimise pain for your customers.  We champion how you make life easier for your customers. This can take the shape of gaining leverage from services you already offer like: 
– minimising financial stress by offering a cheaper product; 
– minimising time spent on non-profit making labour; 
– minimising after sales support hassle; 
– minimising product or service delivery time.  

Make your customers feel like you are the least invasive and time-consuming answer to their problems – it’s the Copy That Copywriting difference that sets us apart.  Send an enquiry or email us to get the corporate quality copywriting your business needs to thrive.  

What to Expect from Your Copywriter? 

 Copy That Copywriting have a few key principles we stand by.  This is what you can expect from us: 

100% Original Copy 

Easy to say but harder to do.  This is a top down approach.  Every single member of our team is committed to providing you with 100% original content.   

It’s the research we do that makes the difference.  With great research comes great copywriting results – sorry to go all Spiderman there, but it is true.  Widereaching research is the key to producing relevant, informative, entertaining and effective content for your corporate copywriting needs.  

0% Plagiarism  

Any donkey can cut and paste.  It’s taboo here.  Copy That Copywriting abhor plagiarism.  We are pedantic when it comes to original content. Does that make our job harder? Yes, it actually does, but we also believe that it’s 100% worth it and integrity matters to us.   

You are guaranteed that your website content is not only highly optimised for search engines but also that it is original and unique to your corporation.  We know that this is what the new algorithms demand and so, we do it.   

Research. Write.Edit. Repeat 

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It’s sort of the tattoo we all wear here.  Not attractive, we know, but effective.  This is why Copy That Copywriting create brilliant corporate quality website content.  You can be assured that your finished product has been conscientiously created and edited by an experienced team.   

We want what you want – corporate quality content that gets results.   

Email or fill in an enquiry form.  Don’t just get copy.  Get Copy That Copywriting and get moving – faster! 

Copy That Copywriting
research. write. edit. repeat.