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Copy Writing

Creative, quality, SEO targeted content is not just a component of your web build, it’s an essential marketing tool that could be the difference between the long term success and failure of your business.

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Content is KING! It’s true, what they say about content; it’s the bottle neck of the web development industry. Finding copywriters who can do the job at the right price, within the right time frame can be a barrier to getting websites up before your competitors. Don’t be fooled into thinking that AdWords alone will get you where you want to be…well-written content is key to your website’s success!

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Content Writing

Thoroughly researched, web-optimised and expertly written content is used to create your unique core messages and showcase your products and services.
We get to know you, know your audience and know what sets you apart from the rest to prepare 100% original content writing, optimised for your website. Find out here how we can arrange custom content writing for your website.


SEO Copywriting

Quality SEO copy on your website creates high visibility, high rankings and high organic traffic, directing your potential customers to your products and your website. Truthfully, unless you plan to ‘pay per click’, there’s no other way to do it. Find out here why Copy That Copywriting is your choice for SEO copywriting that cleverly leverages keywords to ensure that your website receives high-flow traffic and ranks highly in a range of searches by your audience.
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Do I need a copywriter? Such a common question, the answer to which depends on the goals of your business plan.
So, ask yourself, ‘What am I trying to achieve with my business?’ If you are looking to increase your website rankings, establish your brand or generate new business as part of your plan, then the answer is a resounding, ‘yes’! Copywriters can offer so many services to a business looking to grow.


Ghost Writing

The Count of Monte Christo by Alexandre Dumas, Profiles in Courage by JFK and Open, Andre Agassi’s autobiography: what do these have in common? It might surprise you to know that these are all examples of ghost writing. Ghost writing is the intentionally under-sung hero of the literary world and is a service not unfamiliar to Copy That Copywriting writers. With our diverse range of skills, industries and interests, we can find a ghost writer who is right for your needs.

Corporate Writing

We pride ourselves on having expertise in corporate writing techniques that utilise direct and effective keywords, SEO strategies, geo-locators and producing top quality, readable content that ensures your business and your product stands out above the rest.

Discover more about corporate writing for your business and website and the services that Copy That Copywriting can offer.


Technical Writing

Our collective of highly skilled, industry-immersed writers leverage their skills and insider experience to write precise, technical text in a palatable way for your audiences. Be it technical reports, installation and maintenance manuals, brochures and in-house publications such as industry training materials, find out more here about how the Copy That Copywriting team can create top-quality, industry-specific technical writing.

Copy That Copywriting
research. write. edit. repeat.

Why use Copy That Copy Writing? 

Copy That Copywriting understands that one of the fundamentals of successful content marketing for your business lies within the content itself. Whether you need imaginative and conversational style writing, or specifically tailored corporate content, our copywriters are highly skilled in matching your services to your target audience so you can successfully tell your story in your own distinct voice. We will help you get the results you desire.

We aim to provide a high-quality, organised, 100% plagiarism-free copywriting service that will exceed your expectations. With a strong focus on communication and the fostering of a solid professional relationship with our clients, our team of experienced, industry-immersed writers and editors will work hard for you to produce the perfect copy, tailored to your unique needs. We might be blowing our own trumpet a little bit here, but we think the copywriting music we make is pretty sweet! 

Copy That Copywriting’s commitment to understanding our client’s unique needs is at the forefront of our work when write for you. We leverage our writers’ broad interests and skillsets to construct targeted and thoroughly researched content writing, corporate copywriting, ghost writing, technical writing and SEO copywriting 

We know that high-volume organic traffic flow, key word optimisation, quality search rankings and easy access to your information and communication through quality web-based content creation is vital to your success. Do you need help with any of these? Do you want to be noticed? Do you want to stick out and stand out? Copy That!  

Why should I engage a copywriting service?

Anyone can claim they can write. Just like anyone can claim they can be a master chef after nailing one successfully baked soufflé, or claiming to magically be a home-renovation guru after painting a wall or two. Trust that what sets expert copywriters apart from “someone who can write” is their targeted skills that ensure the written content hits the mark with your potential customer base and increases organic traffic to your website. 

Copywriting, or more poignantly, well-researched, well-constructed  and original copywriting, is critical because it speaks your brand’s voice, brings web traffic to your site’s doorstep, drives profitability and earns a Return On Investment (ROI) by convincing your potential customer that your product or service is essential and is of the best value. 

5 reasons to work with
Copy That Copywriting

1. We take your business seriously 

With our commitment to thorough research and our expert communication skills, we will work hard to understand your vision, your product, your audience and what makes you click.

2. We establish trusting, professional relationships with our clients; they keep coming back for more 

Our many return clients are a testament to our superb people skills. We offer predictable communication that ensures you are in the loop throughout the process. We will always ask questions to make sure you are 100% satisfied.

3. We’re good at what we do 

We are a diverse collective of copywriters and professional editors that have a broad set of industry-specific skillsets. We also have a diverse interest base that drives motivation to research, write and complete your copy to a meticulous standard.  

4. We guarantee 100% original, 0% plagiarism

Our copy is as unique as you are. We pride ourselves on producing authentic copy and content writing that is 100% fresh. Your audience will not have trouble differentiating you from the rest. 

5. We help organic traffic find your website

We help to maximise search-engine traffic flow to your website through Natural Keyword Inclusion (NCI) to create Search-Engine Optimised (SEO) content that increases your listing’s search rankings.  

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Search engine optimisation is not just a term; it’s a must-have! And if your website doesn’t have it, then you are wasting precious words on content that might be informative and well-written but that no one is going to read.

3 reasons to us for your Website Content

1. We will save you time! 

Copy That Copywriting has the professional power, the toolkit and the experience to ensure your core message is communicated successfully in your content. Consider us as a super-efficient department of your team! 

2. Specific and unique content tailored to your business requirements

We research. We write. We edit.  And then we repeat until we are 100% satisfied because we want you to be 100% satisfied. We can optimize your content for highly ranked search-engine traffic flow to your brand, your product, your service and your contact information. 

3. We are a small agency with passion for what we do! 

We are a small collective of creative writers and professional editors who pride themselves on high-quality writing, editing and communication skills. Our tight controls ensure that we work in an organised way to meet deadlines and expectations.

Content is more than just
words on a page


Who are we?

We are an Australian-based crew of dedicated, diverse, talented, professional writers and editors who will connect with you, understand you, work with you and for you to create top-quality, web-optimised content and copy for your business website.

We are specialists in the Education, Science, IT, Law, Environmental, Religious and Sport sectors; but these industries don’t entirely define us. We have a broad range of skillsets and personal interests that are as wide and diverse as the imagination can stretch. We’ll stay on the cutting edge of your why, your product or your service for greater organic web traffic, greater exposure and greater results with our copywriting skills. 


Do I need a copywriter?

It’s assumed in our busy professional lives that you have zero time on your hands for writing. Writing can be time consuming and to be frank, a bit intimidating. A copywriter will engage in a relationship with you, research your product and the current climate within its market and then develop a consistent brand voice by creating memorable content that will create an impact.  


What makes CopyThat Copwriting the best choice for my business?

For starters, we LOVE to research, research, research and then research some more. We make knowing your business, our business. We spend time getting to know you and accentuating what sets your products or services apart from the rest with our high quality writing.

CopyThat Copywriting commits to copy that is unique, well-written and tailored to your requirements. 100% of our copy is original, 0% of it is plagiarised, and all of it is thoroughly researched and fastidiously edited. 

Copy That Copywriting
research. write. edit. repeat.